Member Benefits, as a professional body, is built on the notion of self created value from "have not" to "have". Benefits for our members, in the various stages of career development, would including “taking (to learn)” as a starting point, to “sharing (to participate)” and finally “giving (to serve)”.

In order to provide our young members the opportunities to learn, we invite our senior executives to join us to serve and create more activities for our young members to learn and develop. More detail types of activities may include the followings:

  • Seminars
  • Workshops/training
  • Talent development and MT programs
  • Networking / PR / Media relations / Product Launch
  • Competitions and awards

Benefits more specific to membership at include:

  • Use of designatory title given by the membership grades, e.g. icm (Admiral), iem (General), icm (Commander) and icm (Warrier)
  • Information, tools, books and research findings
  • Facilities such as IT platform, emails, domains, CV refinement, etc
  • Jobs and business opportunities, such as resources, networking, research, intern, career/jobs, referrals, etc
  • Discounts for activities and memberships
  • Regional and worldwide networks and affiliations

Programs and activities we are preparing for the near future:

  • CEO dialogues
  • Marketing and branding competitions for the young talents
  • Marketing basic seminars and workshops: from knowing to doing and performing, on:
    • Customer service
    • Product development and launching
    • Channel management
    • Integrated Marketing communications
    • Pricing
    • Marketing strategy
    • and more ...