Institutional Membership

Thank you for your interests in joining ICM as Institutional Member. Our institutional membership is chargeable. Information of membership types can be found on this website. Please fill in the following ICM Institutional Membership Application Form in BLOCK LETTERS. You will also require to upload a copy of your BR, and the portrait photo of your nominated staff members in JPG/PNG format not larger than 2MB.

The ICM Membership officer will contact you by email asap upon receiving your submission of the membership form. If you have any enquiries relating to membership, please send a email to [email protected].

Institutional Membership

Corporate Members For profit business (registered in HK) with at least 30 employees
SME Members For profit business (registered in HK) with fewer than 30 employees
NGL / Non-Profit Members NGO and non-profit organizations, both local and foreign
Overseas Members For profit businesses from China and overseas
Sponsorship Members For any business/organizations that will engage in sponsorship of activities and student bodies.  (Fees collected from these sponsorship members will all (100%) be directly used in sponsorship of the requested activities.

Institutional Membership Fee

Types HK Registered Organizations China & Overseas Organizations
Corporate Members HK$10,000 US$2,000
SME Members HK$2,000 US$400
NGO / Non-Profit Members Free Free
Sponsorship Members N/A N/A

Note:  The ICM Council will assess the membership eligibility of individual applicant, and grant appropriate membership accordingly. ICM might contact individual applicant for more details. The criteria of eligibility is not open. Final decision will be made by the ICM council.


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