ICM Introduction

The Institute of Certified Marketers (icm.hk) is a non-profit professional body aims to facilitate the development of young marketing talents in Hong Kong. To certify marketers is one of the key missions of icm.hk in our platform where our members can establish their credentials on their abilities to deliver results they promised.

Our founding members are a group of executives who are passionate in helping young people and see the needs to contribute more in this developmental process. We hope more senior executives can participate in helping us to achieve our mission and it will be a long process. Our activities in the first few years will be focusing on the young talents developmental program including 3rd party management trainee program, mentoring, workshops, conferences, seminars, competitions, awards and exams.

Our core values rest with the beliefs on our young people, both in their potential to deliver results and the conscience to uphold high ethical standard, in serving the well being of the society.