The ICM Launching Ceremony cum Advisors Appreciation

The Institute of Certified Marketers (ICM) has organized with great success its Launching Ceremony cum Advisors Appreciation on 26 Jun 2015 at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  Over 100 honorable ICM advisors and prestigious guests from different business owners or high executives from different organizations has joined the ceremony and luncheon.  This was the first such event organized by ICM, which marks the launch of ICM in Hong Kong.
Mr. Sherman Lam, President of ICM, shared the vision and mission of the institute with all guests.  He explained that by contributing only a few hours in a year, the young members in ICM can already benefits a lot from their business knowledge and experience.  The ICM aims in facilitating the development of young marketing talents in Hong Kong.
The ceremony was sponsored by K&K Property.  During the luncheon, Mr. Tony Cheng of K&K Property also shared their insights in the economy and development of the property market in Hong Kong,  Once again, ICM express our sincere thanks to K&K Property for their generous sponsorship of this event.