Executive Certificate in Digital and Social Media Marketing

Executive Certificate in Digital and Social Media Marketing


Following the Social 2015, the Institute of Certified Marketers (ICM) recommends this Executive Certificate Course in Digital and Social Media Marketing Course to all our members or non-members of ICM.  Different kinds of digital marketing tools are being widely used in the business environment.  An all-rounded marketer has to be acquainted with knowledge not only in traditional marketing but also in the digital marketing regime.
This program provides participants with the applications of the emerging digital media technologies from marketing perspectives and to facilitate their full integration with marketing management and practices.
The program consists of 3 modules:
  1. Digital Marketing Channels and Essentials (starting 8 Aug 2015)
  2. Digital Consumer Behaviour and Brand Building with Social Media (starting 12 Sep 2015)
  3. Strategy Development, Implementation, Practices and Evaluation of Digital Marketing (starting 17 Oct 2015)

Each module takes 4 full days on Saturdays at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


Special Announcement:

ICM is an official supporting organization for this course.  All valid ICM members can enjoy 10% discount in each of these modules.  Interested parties can download the application form from below.  Those who wish to join ICM as members can visit our website at http://icm.hk/index.php/join-as-member.  Individual membership for HK residents are free of charge.